I went to bed one night after reading Arthur Golden's "Memoirs of a Geisha." That night I dreamt that Picasso was paying Matisse's studio an impromptu visit. Upon opening the door Picasso became immediately fascinated with a Geisha who was posing for Matisse. "My what have we here?" said Picasso as he came charging down the stairs. He acted like a wild animal entering a wild French circus act.




Dream Painting inspired by

"Memoirs of a Geisha"

The Little Geisha


Matisse immediately braced himself for Picasso's sarcasm. "Tell me, my dear friend, where did you find this precious creature you're keeping so well hidden from me?" "Shush, now you behave yourself," replied Matisse, embarrassed that it was too late; his precious little secret was out of the bag. "She has escaped and I am merely protecting her from danger," answering defensively. "Protecting her from danger?!" asked Picasso. Upon hearing this, he broke out into uncontrollable laughter acting like a Circus Clown.