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Iím a Latin from the start and thatís the core of who I am. So Iím attracted to the richness of reds and greens. I paint from my imagination and have been influenced from having lived in Spain and France. I start with a blank canvas and place it against the light. Then I stand back and just stare at the texture until an attractive shape or design appears. I draw it quickly with a bold black line before it disappears from my mind. I use the bold black line because it is a commitment to my imagination that cannot be erased. Creating art is to live on this leap of faith. As I paint, the design always turns into the shape of a flower and eventually a woman appears.

Women are the source of my inspiration. First there was my mother and then there was the love that I lost. My mother is from Mexico and I grew up in Yuma, Arizona. When I was a child, my mother wore an elegant French chignon hairdo and had the hypnotic effect of a Latin Jackie Onassis whose hair was as colorful as the red of Mexico. She always wore elegant dresses. At her parties she would wear long gloves, diamond earrings and a necklace hanging above the scallop-shaped curvatures of the dress design above her bosom. She would throw parties and would entertain the farmers with bolero music and dances as if they were elegant heads of states. From a childís point of view she was the flower goddess who insisted on placing flowers in every room. She would begin her morning by cutting roses from her flower garden and the roses would spend the day in vases and for dinner youíd find them as garnish upon your plate.Life is truly beautiful when you look at women as flowers that come in every color and shape.

Elsa and David When I was a student at Harvard, I fell in love with Elsa, a girl from Avignon. She was would spend her time painting the flowers in my garden. When she returned to France, I spent time in Paris trying to get her back. But then I fell in love with Paris and that was the start of my life as an artist. So it is no wonder that the women in my canvases reveal the passion that I feel for France. I also believe in reincarnation because I find myself living at the turn of the century in my dreams. My paintings reflect the fantasy of my dreams and my experiences in Paris, the theatres, the French Circus and my beloved Cabaret. After my exhibition entitled: "Le Petit Prince de la Peinture" someone went as far as calling me the American Toulouse-Lautrec because my works celebrate my fantasies for Paris and The Cabaret.